XTU architects imagines offshore oil rigs as radical housing of the future

no stranger to an unconventional project, XTU architects presents their latest fantastical proposal titled ‘x_lands’. the concept looks at life after oil, and in particular, what to do with all the offshore platforms that have been built in the last century to drill for the earth’s natural resources. 

all images courtesy of XTU architects

mankind’s appetite for these fossil fuels has had a tremendous impact on the natural environment. as the age of oil comes to an end and countries look at utilizing renewable and greener energy sources, XTU architects proposes to tackle the symbols of the oil companies: the offshore platform.

with their immense scale, oil rig structures have an interesting potential for adaption. this project imagines the industrial monoliths transformed into poetic, habitable and exotic projects, or in other words ‘x_lands’. 

imagined as bubbles or containers of housing, each proposal adds lush greenery to the industrial structures, bringing a much-needed human and natural touch to the rigs. ....

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