West Australian Centrelink scammer revealed to be sister of cancer faker

A mother who rorted more than $60,000 from Centrelink is the sister of a cancer faker who scammed $40,000 to fund her own lavish lifestyle.

Angela Dickenson, 36, failed to update Centrelink about the change in her income when she picked up extra jobs over a three-year period, according to 9 News.

The mother was found guilty of fraud in June after making fake statements to the welfare agency while working on an offshore oil rig in Western Australia.

In a shocking twist, Angela's younger sister Hanna has been revealed to be fraudster as well, spending time in jail over her own scheme. 

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The 24-year-old convinced her parents' friends and neighbours she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer before preying on their generosity.

Hanna convinced her parents to giver her money for 'life-saving treatment' in 2012, before asking for more funds for overseas treatments in Thailand and New Zealand. 

In reality, she was blowing the money on alcohol, drugs and holidays.

Her parents, who run a farm near in Victoria's north-west, were struggling financially and asked neighbours and friends for money, according to court documents.

She raised $42,000 by telling them she only had several months to live unless she received costly treatment abroad. 

Before she got caught, one of her victims was undergoing his own cancer treatment and had just been discharged ....

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