UK must join green hydrogen shift to decarbonise aviation

Green hydrogen: the UK is not yet in the mix
Green hydrogen is set to transform the way we travel. Graphic: Cambridge Consultants

Green hydrogen is the only viable fuel that can decarbonise the aviation industry, says Nathan Wrench, head of sustainability innovation at Cambridge Consultants and without urgent action the UK risks losing the energy transition race being spear-headed by Saudi Arabia, the EU (collectively) and Germany.

His study considered both the science of green hydrogen as a fuel, and also the wider consequences of delaying involvement in the hydrogen economy.

The most impactful companies and technologies of the 21st century will be those that can capture the opportunities of reshaping our energy society, says Nathan. In eliminating fossil fuels from the supply chain while increasing energy productivity and availability, the winners and also-rans of this century are already shaping up. Green hydrogen will play a vital role in this energy transition, and those that seek to lead must invest now.

2020 is turning into a breakthrough year for green hydrogen. The EU unveiled an ambitious post-fossil fuel strategy in July, increasing renewable hydrogen capacity from 1GW today to 6GW by 2024 and 40GW by 2030. Germanys 40bn green stimulus package has green hydrogen at its core. Saudi Arabia is looking to green hydrogen as a key part of its transition to a post-fossil fuel economy, starting with a $5bn green hydrogen-based ammonia production facility near the border with Jordan and Egypt which will produce 650 ton....

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