The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) Shipping Intelligence Report 13 March 2018

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Mar, 2018 ):The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) issued the following shipping report for the last 24 hours, ending 0700 hours on Tuesday. ALONG SIDE (Bulk Oil Pier) OP-II Al Mahboobah D.

Chemical East Wind 12/03/18 OP-III CTG Cobalt D. Base Oil GAC 13/03/18 ALONG SIDE (East Wharves): 1 Bunga Lavender L. Ethanol Alpine 11/03/18 14/15 Astra Centaurus L.

Wheat East Wind 06/03/18 15/16 UAFL Zanzibar D. L. Cnt. Golden 11/03/18 ALONG SIDE(P.I.C.T): 8/9 Sima Genesis D. L. Cnt. East Wind 12/03/18 ALONG SIDE(PDWCP): Berth Vacant.... Along Side(West Wharves) 25 Mohar L.

Cement Argonaftis 11/03/18 ALONG SIDE (K.I.C.T): Berth Vacant... EXPECTED ARRIVALS: CONTAINER (GEARLESS) Cosco New York COSCO 12/03/18 Not Sched 600 Cnt. 600 Cnt. Mol Endowment MOL Pak 22/03/18 Not Sched 800 Cnt.

1000 Cnt. CONTAINER (GEARED): Polo Golden 15/03/18 Not Sched 557 Cnt. 480 Cnt. GENERAL CARGO: Damas COSCO 13/03/18 Not Sched Ni 163 G.C Karina Danica Gulf Maritime 14/04/18 Not Sched 7 Cnt.

Nil Hermann-2 GAC 15/03/18 Not Sched 30,974 Steel Nil Kobe Star GAC 15/03/18 Not Sched 28,716 G.C Nil Yangtze Fortune Sea Trade-Sh. 15/03/18 Not Sched 2,926 Heads Nil Rickmers Tokyo Delta 16/03/18 Not Sched 1,901 GC Nil Royal Jade GAC 16/03/18 Not Sched 14,349 Steel Nil COAL: Bao Tong OC-Services 14/03/18 Not Sched 60,053 Nil SBI Leo OC-Services 14/03/18 Not Sched 59,915 Nil LOADER: Dubai Galactic OC-Srvices 14/03/18 Not Sched Nil 55,000 Wheat OIL TANKER: BW Rhine Trans Maritime 13/0....

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