The Drilldown: Alberta introduces legislation to boost geothermal energy

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The Alberta government introduced a bill yesterday designed to promote geothermal energy in the province.

In a news release, the government said Bill 36 the Geothermal Resource Development Act will lay out rules and guidelines for industry, establish the legislative authority for land use and liability management, and protect landowners and mineral-rights owners.

Encouraging the development of low-emitting geothermal energy will play an important role in Albertas economic recovery by attracting investment and creating jobs in this emerging sector, said Energy Minister Sonya Savage.

NDP Energy Critic Kathleen Ganley agreed that “geothermal development holds great potential for Alberta’s energy future.”

“It is clean, renewable, and takes advantage of skills and expertise we have right here at home,” Ganley said. “Pursuing innovative projects and investing in growing geothermal development is critical for diversifying our economy.”

The government said its geothermal legislation will be modelled on the Oil and Gas Conservation Act, and will give the Alberta Energy Regulator the authority to regulate the sectors development. Global News reports.


U.S. Democrats introduced legislation yesterday to expand offshore wind projects and reduce drilling along the country’s coasts.

The 300-page Ocean Based Climate Solutions Act proposes that the Department of the Interior increase the number of permits for offshore wind projects, specially where wind speeds are higher.

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