Renewables surge in European power mix

Wind and solar energy generation have increased even though total energy demand has fallen during the pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns across Europe have resulted in an acceleration of renewable energys growth in many countries, even as power consumption has fallen by more than 6pc.

Data for the period from 1 January to 16 June 2020 from the grid operator association the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and compiled by data platform Wartsila Energy Transition Lab shows that wind, solar and biomass generation across the continent has grown by an average of 7pc over 2019 levels.

While overall power generation year-to-date has declined by an average of 6.1pc from 2019, the data show this shrinkage has been almost entirely absorbed by gas, coal and nuclear.

Renewables growth

Solar and wind generation increased by an average of 12pc over the first five months of the year, thanks in part to a strong surge in German wind generation in February, which saw 45pc of the countrys entire generation come from turbines.

In the UK, renewables have increased total generation to 46.54TWh in the year to date, a rise of 24.3pc from the same period in 2019. After averaging 4.6TWh/month in 2019, wind generation reached nearly 7.5TWh in the first quarter of this....

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