No charges for Greenpeace aerial blockade at Ironworkers bridge

Twelve protesters who were part of Greenpeaces aerial blockade of oil tankers in Burrard Inlet this summer will not face criminal charges.

The 12 included seven people who suspended themselves from ropes underneath the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing for 38 hours at the beginning of July, and five others who acted as a support team on the catwalk underneath the bridge.

The protesters began their blockade in the early hours of July 3, holding up an oil tanker from leaving Kinder Morgans Westridge Terminal in Burnaby.

Police moved in on the second day of the protest and lowered protesters to a waiting police boat over a four-hour period.

Police said at the time the protesters were being removed because they were a potential danger to themselves, were committing public mischief and were jeopardizing the safety of a vessel under the Canada Shipping Act.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for the Crown counsels office confirmed no charges had been approved against the bridge protesters.

After a thorough review of the available evidence the prosecution service has concluded that the charge assessment standard has not been met for any of the individuals arrested at the bridge, wrote spokesman Dan McLaughlin in an email.

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