Next breakthrough: Hydrogen fuel cell ships about to hit the high seas

Renewable hydrogen fans and catamaran fans both have a little something to cheer about this week. The US is going to get its first commercial-scale hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the form of a spanking new 70-foot aluminum catamaran from the company Incat Crowther. The catamaran specialist is known for its snazzy ferry boats and need-for-speed vessels designed to chase down illegal fishing boats, do search and rescue, and support research missions. Sweet!

The “Water-Go-Round” will be the first passenger ferry powered with hydrogen fuel, a new technology to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions from the maritime industry. (Rendering courtesy Courtesy Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine Project)

By Tina CaseyCleantechnica

This is a big deal because, as longtime readers of CleanTechnica may recall, the last time we checked in on floating fuel cells it was back in 2016 and the topic was this dinky little prototype unmanned fuel cell submarine that the the US Navy was messing around with in partnership with GM (so yes, thats the little sub in the photo above, not a 70-foot catamaran. Check out Incat Crowther for that).

One Giant Step For Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fuel cell vehicles are only just beginning to ease into the mainstream, and here in the US theyre off to a good start in the shipping and logistics sector.

Think warehouses and forklifts and youre on the right track. States with busy shipping ports are also looking at fuel cells to tamp down on regional air pollution, and thats where ....

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