Maritime Journal | ROV tether winches

ROV support equipment specialist, Tech Safe Systems Ltd has recently announced the completion of seven Mk8 tether winches for new ROVs.

This sets a TSS production record for the number of Mk8s manufactured in a month, and the company claims, firmly establishes the Mk8 as the bestselling powered cable handling system in the observation class ROV sector.

The Mk8 is unique in its ability to provide operators of small and medium sized ROVs up to 1100m of tether storage, in a durable and lightweight platform. Unlike many small tether winches, the Mk8 is electrically driven and can be incorporated with an optional automatic spooling system. The winch is designed to house many proprietary slip rings, combining conductor and optical passes to suit the ROV requirement. The Mk8 platform covers from the smallest to the largest of vessels, with versions covering operational voltage ranges from 110v – 480v and 50/60 Hz.

Designed to work with ROVs launched from small vessels in a free-swimming configuration, the Mk8 has proven very reliable since its first outing in 2014. Applications over the years have included remote platform installations for Oil & Gas, dam and tunnel inspections inshore, along with a variety of port and harbour work.

The main area of operation however, has been related to the burgeoning offshore renewables sector in the UK and Europe. Wind farm CTVs (Crew Transfer Vessels) and other small survey craft, have found the Mk8s compact versatility of great benefit in assist....

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