Marine Electric Vehicles Market 2018 Size, Industry Insights, Future Trends, Key Findings and Compet

"\"Marine Electric Vehicles Market\""

Marine Electric Vehicle Market by Craft Application (Military, Leisure & Tourist Surface Boat, & Others), Vehicle type (Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric & Hybrid Electric), Platform (On-water & Underwater), & Region- Forecast to 2023

Market Overview:

Exploring possibilities in the sea for natural resources and other benefits are experiencing precedence in the present and future plans of various countries. But the last few years is also witnessing a shift in the trend of the vehicles used in doing so. The trend is shifting more towards the adoption of the electric vehicle sidelining the traditional fossil-fuel based ones considerably. This trend is growing popular as they produce less carbon and are perfect supplements for the traditional ones. The latest technologies are also backing it up amply by generating new sources of renewable energy such as solar, wind, water, and nuclear. The cost is expected to drop down considerably to boost the market further. Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) have massive application in hydrocarbon extraction, detailed mapping of the ocean shore and scientific research. Defense sector profits much from these kinds of vehicle. Owing to the multiple uses of marine electric vehicles the global market for it is expected to register a staggering 10% CAGR during the forecast period (2017-2023), reveals Market Research Future (MRFR) in a minutely studied report.

However, high battery cost a....

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