Maersk Supply Service in New Deep Sea Mining Venture

Maersk Launcher

By MarEx 2018-04-14 23:07:28

A seafloor mining expedition, using the offshore support vessel Maersk Launcher, was launched on April 12 in San Diego. 

It is the first of five offshore campaigns resulting from an alliance between DeepGreen subsidiary Nauru Ocean Research Inc. (NORI) and Maersk Supply Service. The aim is to satisfy demand for the essential metals required to power electric vehicles and renewable energy such as cobalt, nickel and copper. 

The voyage is a continuation of the work required to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement that NORI aims to submit to the International Seabed Authority, a necessary step to move the exploration license to an exploitation license. NORI will be carrying out surveys within a 75,000-square kilometer contract area of the Eastern Pacific's abyssal plain, granted to NORI by the Authority. 

DeepGreen and NORI are developing technology that they say will allow the responsible production of polymetallic nodules. The metals will be brought to the surface and treated onshore using DeepGreen's patented processing technology, which aims to produce zero waste. The polymetallic nodules, usually small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, will be processed for metals such as cobalt, nickel, copper and manganese. 

DeepGreen's achievements have already drawn attention from miner and metal trader Glencore which has contracted to buy a percentage of the nickel and co....

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