Lowestoft Lifeboat called to aid of tug with engine problems as it transported four giant fenders |

PUBLISHED: 17:08 12 September 2018

Mark Boggis

The tug and giant fenders back at Lowestoft harbour. Pictures: Mick Howes



Lowestoft RNLI relief lifeboat, RNLB Cosandra, was called into action just before 9.30pm yesterday (Tuesday, September 11) to go to the aid of the tug that needed assistance with an engine out of action nine miles from the port.

Coxswain John Fox said: We were called to the 28-metre tug, which was involved in Ship to Ship transfer work taking giant fenders that are also called Yokohamas to oil tankers temporarily moored offshore.

The tug was returning to port when one of the lines normally lashed down on deck, broke free and became wrapped around one of the ships two propellers. This resulted in the tug limping along with just one engine causing difficulty with steering which was not helped by the giant fenders, two of which were strapped to the starboard side and two being towed from the stern.

The coxswain added: We connected our towline and began the slow haul back to the harbour. It was raining, the sea was rolling a bit and we were towing a considerable load but our Shannon-class lifeboat was up to the task. However the biggest test was still to come.

Towing the tug and fenders through the pier heads was going to be a big challenge. There are big tides running across the harbour entrance at the moment and so we took the entry very slowly.

The manoeuvrabili....

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