Latest Innovations In Heavy Duty Machinery

Orders pour in for marine lifting machinery; State-of-the-art equipment installed on vessels and in ports

In the first of a series of marine industry sector reviews, MR&EN correspondent Tom Mulligan reports on the latest innovations in heavy lifting machinery technology with a selective overview of new product launches and recent equipment installations on board ships, ferries and workboats, as well as in ports, docks, harbors and shipping terminals worldwide.

Markey Machinery

Markey Machinery’s Render/Recover and Asymmetric Render/Recover ‘active heave’ compensating winches have been recognized as a ‘best available technology’ for teaming with the powerful new tugs being built to serve the shipping industry worldwide. Designed to automatically maintain winch line tension between tug and tow, it allows line to be spooled off if line-pull exceeds a preset tension, with rapid retrieval automatically occurring if the tension drops below that setting. This eliminates sea-state induced ‘snap loading’ of the tether, a leading cause of line failure, and frees the operator to focus on the agile maneuvering required to guide rapidly transiting tankers, container ships and bulk carriers through restricted waterways.

This same technology is integrated into Markey’s ‘Oceanographic’ offering. Deployed on board several U.S. research vessels, it interconnects handling cranes, docking heads and the research winch sensor network into the Render/Recover control system, thus enabling scientists....

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