Improved Design and Integrity of Offshore Assets

At the 2018 edition of Oceanology International BMT is introducing BMT Deep, an advanced interactive asset data platform designed by offshore marine professionals, for offshore marine professionals. BMT Deep delivers deeper insights for enhanced asset performance management and is the product of over 20 years’ practical in-field experience in offshore oil, gas and renewables.

BMT Deep harnesses big data to deliver a clear picture – it can store, manage, integrate, post-process and visualise vast datasets, fast. It is interactive, intuitive and facilitates the exploration of data – from multiple sensor time series to post-processed and statistical data, from a single asset or a fleet, throughout its operational history. BMT Deep is secure and powerful as all data is stored, managed and processed in the secure environment provided by BMT.  

BMT Deep is also fully customisable. The processing and analytics can be scaled and configured to match your specific needs so that you can gain the most important insights within your time frame. It is fully verified and supported by BMT analysts and consultants who can provide full technical support and additional insights into your data.

Soma Maroju, product development lead for BMT Deep. comments: “With 20-plus years’ p....

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