Gov. Brown, keep oil and gas in the ground - by robyn-purchia - September 12, 2018

During a heat wave last year, the night-time temperature in Amanda Seniors San Jose home was 95 degrees. The air conditioning wasnt working, and Senior was worried about her two young sons, who were only two and six-years old at the time. She did all she could to keep them healthy and comfortable, including letting her youngest sleep without his diaper. A dirty, wet bed was the least of her concerns.

I was concerned when I woke up the next morning, they may not, Senior, a volunteer with the nonprofit Mothers Out Front, told me. I can only imagine how worried other mothers who have no air conditioning must have been for their children.

Concerns over record-breaking temperatures and other impacts associated with climate change motivated Senior, and an estimated 30,000 others, to participate in the Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice march in San Francisco on Saturday. The march sent a strong message to the federal government, which has rolled back protections for Americans health and environment.

It also sent a call to California Governor Jerry Brown. Many marchers carried signs reading Governor Brown, leave it in the ground or Be green, not Brown.

Members of the Browns Last Chance campaign a coalition of over 800 environmental justice, faith-based, health, consumer and climate action groups are calling on Governor Brown to step up his climate leadership.

Advocates appreciate the Governors ambitious renewable energy targets, including his decision this week to sign SB100 and set Ca....

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