Expanding offshore drilling into public waters threatens our coastal communities, marine life | Lett

Dear Editor,

Our coastal waters and beaches are in danger: from Maine to Florida, Washington state to California, across the Arctic and in the Gulf of Mexico. The Republican Administrations proposed five-year offshore drilling lease plan would expose 90 percent of our nations coastlines to devastating oil spills. Expanding offshore drilling into these public waters threatens our coastal communities and marine life with catastrophic oil spills.

Americans overwhelmingly oppose expanding drilling off our coasts. This short-sighted drilling scheme puts our oceans and coastlines at risk of ruinous oil spills. Coastal communities, jobs and economies dependent on clean oceans and pristine beaches will be threatened by spills. NOAA found that commercial fishing generated $144 billion in sales and provided 1.2 million jobs.

Despite eight years of cleanup and billions of dollars, tourism and wildlife havent fully recovered from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Millions of gallons of crude oil contaminated water, beaches and wetlands. Five hundred miles of coastline and 68,000 acres of Gulf water was polluted. Tar balls still foul beaches. Toxic chemicals continue to poison birds and wildlif....

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