Election 2020: Act wants to scrap Zero Carbon Act, allow mining in 'low conservation' areas

Act would repeal fresh climate change legislation and the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits, while opening up "low-value" conservation land for development.

The party tonight released its policy in the environment space, favouring a "no-nonsense climate change plan" in place of the recently introduced Zero Carbon Act and the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Act's energy and resources spokesman, Simon Court, said while his party believed New Zealand must play its part on climate change, any response must be simple to administer, "politically durable", and effective.

Its proposed plan would tie New Zealand's carbon price to the prices paid by the country's top five trading partners.

"This will show the world New Zealand is doing its bit. It is a simple and effective response to climate change."

Court said scrapping the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits would give industry confidence to invest and sustain high-value jobs.

"We desperately need a cheap and plentiful supply of clean energy to power our recovery and the industries that generate the wealth to pay for healthcare, education and infrastructure," he said.

"But, on current estimates, we will run out natural gas reserves in seven years."

"Natural gas is vital in the short to medium-term to support a transition away from coal. It's cheaper and quicker to bring on stream than new hydropower."

Leader David Seymour has also proposed a "streamlined process" for consenting projects and granting land....

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