Amsterdam cargo ship has been transformed into a stunning luxury houseboat

(Picture: Mediadrumworld)

A former cargo ship which resides on Amsterdam’s canals has been turned into a luxury houseboat.

Stunning images show the ship in its former life, while others show the new and improved version, with its new sparkling interior.

The white-walled and wood-panelled hallway leads to a similarly designed kitchen and bedrooms.

The Kempenaar boat from 1957, De Novatie, was converted by Dutch architects ANA to a sailing residential ship.

(Picture: Luuk Kramer / ANA /

Although there is no living room, there are several living areas where people can relax including the wheelhouse.

‘Spatiality, high quality of living and sustainability formed the starting point for the design,’ said a spokesperson ANA.

(Picture: Luuk Kramer / ANA /

‘The client wanted a ship that would house a house in a ship; spacious and comfortable. In response, the linear system of switched spaces that characterizes many residential ships was set aside in this design.

‘Sight lines run over the entire length of the ship and there are views across the different floors. These lines of sight were created by a terrace that was hung in the middle of the 4.5-meter-high space and fill the construction with glass.

(Picture: Luuk Kramer / ANA /

‘In addition, windows in the wheelhouse, portholes and a patio (access to the terrace) provide more light and sightlines. The use of material is reticent. The design does not want to imply, it forms a background t....

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