A high note for safety in Scotland's new power generation efforts


A productive new partnership between global leaders in offshore wind Ørsted and Scottish innovators Pict Offshore is developing game-changing tech to keep turbine maintenance workers safe, reveals Anthony Harrington

IT is always heartening to see a major company partnering successfully with an innovative new spin-out operation, and helping the spin-out to address a global market.

The Danish green energy company, Ørsted, is the world’s largest developer of offshore wind energy, accounting for just under 30% of the world’s installed offshore wind generation capacity. 

In 2018 it partnered with Pict Offshore, a spin-out from the height safety technology company, Limpet Technology, to create a revolutionary new approach to moving technicians from boats to offshore wind turbine platforms. That technology will now be deployed at Ørsted’s Hornsea Two wind farm. 

Philip Taylor, the managing director of Pict Offshore, based in Inverkeithing, Fife, explains that the company’s ‘Get up Safe’ system (GUS) is designed to both protect technicians and remove the need for arduous ladder climbs to get onto the external platforms of offshore wind turbines. 

“We’re focused on the safety of the personnel whose job it is to maintain wind turbines, and by removing ladders in the process, we’re also cutting the cost of offshore wind structures,” he comments. 

The problem that any maintenance crew attending turbines on an offshore platform faces is that the sea is never still. Far fr....

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